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Award-Winning Travel Insurance

Covered2Go offer highly rated, award-winning travel insurance, providing you with complete peace of mind and protection from the moment you book your trip to the moment you arrive home.

What is travel insurance?

You should purchase travel insurance for every trip that takes you outside of the UK. This will cover you in the event of personal injury, loss of personal possessions, cancellation of your trip and emergency medical treatment to name but a few!

The cost of your travel insurance is calculated on a number of factors including, your age, where you are travelling to and for how long. If you are planning to travel on more than one trip then you may consider purchasing an Annual Multi-Trip policy that will provide you with cover for the next 12 months where no single trip exceeds 31 days - longer durations can be arranged.

Do I need to purchase travel insurance?
Travelling away on trips and adventures is how many of us get our kicks and thrills away from our busy daily schedules and whilst most of the time these trips run smoothly, it is always advised to have a travel insurance policy in place that will take care of you when you need it most. Medical bills can be extremely costly when abroad, especially in the United States of America but with the right cover in place these costs can be avoided.

The moment you have booked any part of your trip is when you should look to get travel insurance in place as situations may arise pre-travel that mean that you simply can not go on your trip forcing you to cancel. Cancellation cover is in place the moment you purchase allowing you the comfort that your finances are covered should you not be able to travel.

Most standard travel insurance policies cover the loss of your passport, imagine the stress that could bring if you are stranded in a foreign country with no means to return home. Having a policy ensures you can focus on the reasons why you are travelling.

No matter what kind of trip you are taking, think of your travel insurance as your travel buddy, tucked away in your pocket and like any good friend - ready to help in your time of need!


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    By now you may want to know more about who we are. It goes without saying that you want to partner with a reputable business that’s right for your brand as well as your audience. We understand. In short: we make it easier for people living with medical conditions to get the travel insurance they need and enjoy the freedom to explore the world. Want to know more? See if you agree with the following. Medical conditions are a fact of life. Everyone on the planet is affected by them - either directly or indirectly. Unfortunately getting travel insurance once you declare a medical condition can be very frustrating. If you don’t declare your medical conditions, your cover won’t be valid. But the moment you do, most insurers dramatically inflate their premiums. For serious conditions, they might turn you away altogether. We do things differently. TI4M was born from a family business that has been providing specialist cover for travel-lovers with medical conditions since 1973. Over the years we have developed trusted relationships with the best medical travel insurance underwriters in the business. That means we can offer competitively priced policies to travellers who have been quoted prohibitively high premiums elsewhere. In some cases we make travel possible when our customers have been unable to get a policy with other insurers. And we provide a range of options to make sure everyone receives the cover they need to travel in confidence. Want to see how much our customers love us? We highly recommend searching for us on Trustpilot. Otherwise, get in touch.

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    TRAVEL INSURANCE WITH MEDIAL TRAVEL COMPARED Finds the right travel Medical protection, for your condition If you're looking for travel insurance, compare up to 112 prices from insurance companies to find you the best policySingle Trip Travel Insurance Compare travel insurance for a specific trip, covering medical conditions and expenses. We'll search our specialist panel and show you prices from over 30 of the UK’s best travel insurance providers. Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Taking more than one or two holidays a year? Compare annual multi-trip travel insurance from over 30 specialist insurers and save money whilst having peace of mind whilst you travel. Pre-existing Conditions Save time and money on travel insurance for pre-existing medical conditions. Use our comparison tool to compare medical travel insurance cover. Senior Travel Insurance Whatever your age, we're here to ensure you enjoy your future holidays - with the right travel insurance cover! Compare holiday insurance from specialists now. Travel Insurance for Cruises If you're taking to the high seas for an adventure, make sure your policy includes specialist cover for cruises. Start your travel insurance comparison today. Coronavirus Travel Insurance Find out what cover is available to protect you and your holiday by getting insurance that covers cancellations and complications linked to COVID-19 through Medical Travel Compared.

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