Loch Lomond Manor


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£3,560.00 per long weekend as of 27/06/2023

🌞 Feel like a stay in Scotland, Loch Lomond has June availability! 🦕

Nestled beside the bank of Lomond Loch with glorious views over the Clyde and beyond, lies Loch Lomond an Edwardian manor full of the character and charm of Scotland.

This manor offers wonderful views, whether you're looking out over the green rolling hills of the Scottish countryside or into the wonderfully landscaped garden from inside one of its turret rooms. Spread across two floors Loch Lomond accommodates twelve guests, with a summer house to enjoy tea in, beautiful gardens and large drawing rooms for all the family to gather in for chess or backgammon after dinner.

Amazing day trips within easy reach of the house, plus plenty of walking trails.

The sea and beaches are only a few miles away and can be seen from the house! The garden offers a range of possibilities with a BBQ, gardens to explore and a tree swing for the kids.
Situated at the start of the highland train line it's possible to take day trips to Oban and Fort William The house contains some of the largest bath tubs you will ever see!

This is a dream property for art history buffs and architecture enthusiasts. Loch Lomond Manor is recognised as a National Monuments of Scotland house, and is situated just 500 metres from Charles Rennie Mackintosh's famous Hill House.
Pets are not allowed.